"Gen Hoshino: Doraemon" WEB voting to decide the dance center is underway!


2021/04/22 11:38


The hug-string dance to be performed on stage
Center voting has started on April 20th!

πŸ”Ή Voting period πŸ”Ή
From 4/20 (Tue) to 5/7 (Fri)
* Also from the "Voting Site" tab on the top of the fan club site
You can fly to the site.

This song is very popular with both moms and babies
National anime song, "Doraemon" by Gen Hoshino

The song will be unveiled for the first time on May 20-22.
Parent-child event "Hakata CCo" to be held in Fukuoka
~ Maternity & Family Festa ~ ”is planned!

Special (?) Costumes are available at the center πŸ‘»βœ¨

We will also have a battle linked to LINE LIVE distribution this time πŸ”₯
For members with the highest support points for LINE LIVE
Get a bonus vote! !!

Brilliantly shining in the 1st place,
Who will stand in the center of the stage! ??
Please support your favorite members β™ͺ

* Kantaro Matsumoto is not active during the voting period, so
This time it will be a vote with 6 people.

γƒšγƒΌγ‚Έγ‚’ε ±ε‘Šγ™γ‚‹


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