About member's new coronavirus infection


2021/05/18 19:13


When Yuki, an ALOMA member, complained of poor physical condition and underwent a PCR test,
It was discovered on May 12 that it was infected with the new coronavirus.

Currently, I am maintaining a normal fever and my physical condition is recovering,
Following the instructions of the health center, we are devoting ourselves to medical treatment at home.

In addition, although it has been confirmed that ALOMA members other than Yuki do not correspond to close contacts, all members have undergone a PCR test just in case, and a negative diagnosis has been made.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our fans and related parties.

* Due to the above announcement, there are some changes to the cast members regarding the upcoming events scheduled to appear in ALOMA.

[5 / 21-22: Hakata CCo-Maternity & Family Festa-Casting members]
・ Otomo Junya
・ Katsutaka Nei
・ Taiten Kusunoki

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