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Notice of member withdrawal


2021/08/31 17:05


Thank you for always supporting the child-rearing support idol ALOMA. As of August 31st, three members, Junya Otomo, Keito Okuyama, and Taiten Kusunoki, will be leaving the group. As a result of repeated discussions among members and staff in response to the intention to withdraw
We respected that intention and decided to accept the offer.

It was a very disappointing report to all the fans who supported me on a daily basis.
We sincerely apologize. The remaining members will continue to support child-rearing idols, ALOMA, and we look forward to your continued support.

Enfam Co., Ltd. Child-rearing support idol ALOMA

Below are comments from the withdrawal members.

* The remaining members will announce their future activities tomorrow, September 1st (Wednesday).
We will report on Instagram.

[Comment from Junya Otomo]

To everyone who supports ALOMA

Thank you for your support.
We have decided to withdraw from ALOMA.

I'm sure some of you were surprised by the sudden announcement.
I'm sorry to make you feel sad.

As for the background to this decision, I decided that it would be difficult to balance my future course with the course of working as ALOMA, so I decided to withdraw after many discussions with the people of the company. We received.

I am very grateful to the members and staff who have been with me since I first met at the audition, and to everyone who came to see me in a difficult situation. Everyone's smiles and words have been encouraging many times.

I plan to continue my future activities as an individual, but I plan to curb my activities within the year. I think that it will be a little bit of activity because of the corona disaster, but I will do my best to meet you again.

The time I spent as ALOMA was a wonderful time for me.
I'm really glad that we all worked together.

I am looking forward to seeing ALOMA grow even bigger in the future. Junya Otomo

[Comment from Taiten Kusunoki]

To everyone who is always supporting us.

I'm sorry for the sudden report.
I, Taiten Kusunoki, will withdraw from ALOMA on August 31st.

There are various reasons, but I couldn't have the intention to continue with the change in ALOMA's system. This is the conclusion I made after many discussions over the last few months with the members and the management.

I am aware that I am inconvenienced to those who support me, the members, and the people who manage it, but I would appreciate it if you respect my judgment.

If I apply for an audition and include activities such as voting, I have been working on child-rearing support idols for over a year.

It was my own year, but I feel that I was able to grow in various situations. I am really grateful to everyone who gave me this environment.

As a former member of ALOMA, I would like to continue to make use of the experience and knowledge I gained here.

Thank you very much for your continued support for about a year.
I will be a good person who can give back this support to everyone.

I'm really thankful to you.


[About Keito Okuyama]

Regarding Keito Okuyama, who had been absent for a long time because of his academic priority,
I wasn't feeling well and it was difficult for me to perform performing arts activities.

This time, I decided that it would be difficult to return in the future, and came to the conclusion of this withdrawal.
Thank you for your understanding.

During the period when we cannot tell the situation to everyone who supports us
We sincerely apologize for causing great concern.



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